Nothing Is As It Seems

Nothing is as it seems is a film project documenting the diverse experiences and perspectives of people with Head Injuries.

The project provided a platform for participants individually and as a group to share their stories and aims to:

  • raise awareness of the Pembrokeshire Headway group
  • highlight the lack of specialist support in Pembrokeshire
  • increase understanding of Head Injury amongst the general public and service providers in Pembrokeshire

Planning and filming sessions took place during the Autumn of 2016 and the material gathered has been put together to create a short film which explores the issues of most importance to the group including:

  • What is a brain injury
  • Treatment and support
  • The effect on family and friends
  • Living with someone with a brain injury
  • Other people’s perceptions
  • Access to specialist help
  • Financial effects
  • Value of the group – ‘nearest you get to normal’

View the film below.

In the course of making this film two other films emerged, one offering a unique family perspective on the experience of living with a brain injury, whilst the other provides a powerful platform for the views of a carer.

Life after brain injury: Family story provides a space for Anthony, Helen and their children to reflect on their experiences of Anthony’s brain injury and how this has affected their lives.

Life after brain injury : Carers story, “gives a good snapshot of some of the things that brain injury carers come up against.”

Find out more about the Headway Pembrokeshire support group here