Getting There

Getting there uses animation and sound recordings to share disabled peoples’ experiences of using transport services in Pembrokeshire.

Working closely with Pembrokeshire Transport Steering Group, the project set out to create a set of short animated films for use as training and campaigning tools.

In the run up to the project, Gill Dowsett worked with three different groups of disabled people using Theatr Fforwm techniques to explore their experiences of using public transport in Pembrokeshire.

Their stories were used to inform and shape material for two animation and sound recording workshops where representatives from the three groups involved worked with spacetocreate and curious Ostrich to make 3 short films.The groups involved were: Young Voices for Choices, Pembrokeshire People First, Pembrokeshire Access Group.

An accompanying set of 1000 bilingual campaign postcards will be distributed to signpost individuals and organisations to the films and sound recordings, leading to raised awareness of the transport issues facing disabled people in Pembrokeshire.

Each of the films explores a different form of transport and is followed by a sound recording.

The sound recordings providing a selection of disabled people’s experiences of using trains, taxis and buses can be heard on the moving-stories website