• John Warneford

    Water Ranger, Port of Milford Haven

    There is a history that goes back quite a long way in my family…from the Royal Navy, basically a military side of things, so it’s either the Navy or the Airforce or the Navy Air Arm. 

    I grew up in Little Haven…I’ve always been around the sea…always been on boats…Even when I was little, I remember…the first job I wanted to do was to be an HM Customs man on a big boat, with a gun…

  • Captain Bill Hirst

    Harbourmaster, Port of Milford Haven

    I’m Harbourmaster at Port of Milford Haven…responsible for making sure that all the ships that come into the Port –  tankers; gas carriers; fishing boats; the ferry – get in and out safely.

    I was 17 when I left school and went to sea… In total I did 17 years at sea before I came ashore.

  • Len Walters

    Fisherman, Cardigan

    I fish out of Cardigan, commercially…on a seasonal basis, from one species to another…crab, brown crab, lobster in lobster pots. We net spider crabs, fish for scallops, line fish for mackerel and bass…I have a coracle license and we fish for salmon and sewin.

  • Tug master G Harteveld

    Tug man, Svitzer Marine

    My father, he is an ex trawler man. He was with trawlers, dredgers. A couple of my brothers went to sea on short trips, but I’m the only one that’s actually made a career of it.

    I kicked off as deckboy, fifteen and a half, and in those days you were lower than the ship’s cat.

  • Lee Morgan

    Former Crew, The Celtic

    It was only by chance that I started to work on a boat. A friend of mine had a job going and asked me whether I was interested and I said I’ll give it a go and off we went…I didn’t think I’d enjoy it or I’d cut it, but I did. I lasted just over three years.

    The best part is that that the people you work with become really close…because you are trusting them with your life.

  • Robert Victor Jones

    Fisherman and Restaurateur, Porthgain

    Now, I’m a restaurateur, but I used to be a fisherman, foremost.

    Where I live is in Porthgain and my great grandfather came down from the slate mines in North Wales, when they heard Porthgain, which is a small fishing village now, was starting off a quarry industry.

  • Ian Spice

    Marine Surveyor, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

    I was caught… going from Milford, on a passage down to Padstow and the weather turned on us. We found ourselves in very big seas, five or six metres. It makes you focus. You realise just how powerful the sea can be and to a certain extent how respectful of the sea you have to be…you realise you’re the limiting factor, not the sea, not the boat, but you are as a person.

    You’ve always got to have a lot of respect for the sea.

  • Jess Robinson

    Crew, Thousand Island Expeditions

    My dad was in the Navy when he was about sixteen and now he owns a sea-kayaking company. I was eighteen, because you have to be 18 to work on boats, when I started crewing for a company called Thousand Island expeditions. We do boat tours around…Ramsey Island, whale and dolphin watching and fishing trips.

  • Philip Newman

    Team Leader, Skomer Marine Nature Reserve

    My job is to lead up a small team of people looking after Skomer Marine Nature Reserve. What we are trying to do is to keep our fingers on the pulse of the health of the reserve. By monitoring a variety of different marine biological organisms, we can tell if the reserve is in a good state.

  • Richard Neale

    Station Manager, Wooltack Point Watch Station, National Coastwatch Institution

    I organise 15-20 volunteers who man watches at the station…they log all of the marine traffic that goes past the headland there in the dangerous waters around Skomer and Jack Sound…where there are terrific tidal rips and we keep a lookout for anyone that is in trouble or in difficulties on the sea…

  • Captain M Caffery

    Served deep sea and in command of passenger ferries

    I had an uncle who was a Bosun at sea, and I think when I was a child, him coming home to see us, with what appeared to be lots of money (my background being relatively poor), I thought, mmm, I could have a bit of that action.

    I think it was 1966, so that would have made me 18, actually earning money then.

  • Mr John H Dixon

    Saturation Diver

    I was born right by the sea, in Hampshire…so I suppose it’s been in my blood…It’s all linked up with the Oil Industry in the North Sea in the mid 1970’s. I wanted to become a North Sea Diver. I went on a Government sponsored diving course in January 1977 in Fort William, Scotland, and that gave me the initial certificates to then get work in Aberdeen.

  • Christine King

    Superintendent, Port Officer, Fishermen’s Mission

    I work for the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen…we call ourselves the Fishermen’s Mission. I’m a Port Officer for South Wales and my main role is dealing with emergencies or getting grants for retired fishermen, sick fishermen, widows and children of fishermen.

  • Alison Hardy

    Local resident from a family with seafaring ancestry going back to 1850

    My mother’s great grandfather was a Whaler…he came from Shetland…to Milford Haven in about 1850. He met Lucy… from Hakin Point and got married. They had a son, John …and he had a son, John…and he had a daughter, who was my mother. So that’s six generations!

  • Sue Kenny

    Medical Purser, Jubilee Sailing Trust

    I did grow up in small boats, here in Milford. We were really lucky. My Grandfather acquired an old ship’s lifeboat…which he put a cabin on. From as long as I can remember, at weekends, and sometimes in an evening, in the summer…we’d be out on the Haven.

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